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Tobacco was originally used in the religious practices of the Mayan tribes, and the word “tobacco” comes from the dialect of the indigenous people who once populated the territory of today’s island of Tobago, in the archipelago of the Antilles. Therefore, we can say that these civilizations used tobacco leaves for the first time in society, both for reasons of mysticism, but also as a hobby, as historians claim, based on the evidence discovered over time.

The fascination of tobacco continues to this day, and statistics show that cigarettes smoked in a single year in the U.S. weigh as much as 350,000 cars, or about 420,000 tons. Last year, almost 20% of U.S. adults (which is almost 50 million!) used a tobacco product.

Therefore, if we are to talk about the most popular tobacco products these days, cigarettes are still in the top, although there are other products that have emerged lately, in the United States, such as noncombustible tobacco products and sold by some of the best head shops Denver is home to.

Smoke-free products are based on the elimination of the combustion of tobacco in the process of nicotine release. This category of products includes devices that heat tobacco. The process of tobacco burning is replaced with heating at significantly lower temperatures, which also releases nicotine but without the additional toxic substances. In 2020, the FDA reported that scientific studies have shown that the transition from conventional cigarettes to the electronic tobacco heating system reduces the body’s exposure to harmful or potentially harmful substances.