Vape pens are among the newest trends when it comes to replacing one’s destructive smoking habits. While many still use vape pens together with cigarettes or cigars, the basic idea behind a vape pen was to create an electronic alternative that allows people to slowly phase out of their nicotine addiction.  Vape pens are sold by most Colorado distributors at wholesale prices.


How does it work? You simply add a special liquid to the container, which will then be heated up by a component called the atomizer. This is basically a resistor which, when charged with electric current, heats up, thereby heating up the liquid and creating vapor.


Once you smoke the vapor and release it, it will act in a similar way as cigarette smoke – by introducing a controlled amount of nicotine – however, at the same time greatly reducing the amount of other harmful toxins that regular cigarettes might contain.


Vape pens can be incredibly helpful, whether you want to just reduce your nicotine consumption, or you’re interested in quitting smoking altogether. While vape pens are available at a wide range of prices, it’s usually better to do your research and spend a little more on a higher quality product, if you want to gain the best possible results once you’ve purchased it.