stocking liquor store supplies worker

Liquor stores that are successful will usually have a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. While you can stock up on unique drinks, it’s important to maintain an overall balanced liquor store supplies stock and emphasize drinks that are in higher demand:


  • Beer, wine and whiskey are among the most popular beverages you can consider selling. You’ll find that a lot of your profits will come from these types of drinks, even though they aren’t as expensive as some of the harder and more unique ones.
  • There will always be a market for people looking into harder beverages such as vodka. Also, another reason why you’d want these beverages on your shelves is to create a balanced and diverse selection that your customers can choose from.
  • Consider some foreign flavors and unique drinks, but don’t go overboard as they might not be too much in demand. Nevertheless, most people will want to try something like Japanese sake or Other products, like bia hoi, Campari and Tequila can also be considered for that added uniqueness in your stock.
  • It’s also a good idea to keep non-alcoholic beverages, including non-alcoholic beers, soda, juice and mineral water. These drinks will enjoy a lot of popularity both in the case of clients who like to mix their drinks for added flavor, their friends who are driving, and those who just want to take a break from alcohol.