smoking pipe tobacco dab supplies

Smoke shops all across the US offer a wide range of products, besides tobacco assortments. So, in order to remain competitive, you should know about the most popular items to carry this year.

This an small list of products that every smoke and head shop should have in 2021.

  • Vaporizers and E Juices

Vaporizers are quite trendy these days, because they are seen as the healthier alternative to cigarettes. Small designs that can be concealed easily are the biggest sellers now. Make sure you also have vaping products for them, such as E Juices, dry herbs etc. CBD products are also in high demand, because it seems that they help with anxiety, sleep issues and pain relief.

  • Bongs

Considering the legalization of cannabis in most states, bongs have become popular. You can consider selling bongs made from various materials – plastic, bamboo, glass, ceramic – to meet your customers` budgets.

  • Rolling Papers

These accessories are also top items for smoke shops to carry, because many people prefer to roll their tobacco, or other herbs for smoking. Make sure you have a wide assortment of quality rolling paper and dab supplies, for all tastes.

  • Pipes

Pipes are smoking accessories by excellence and should not miss from a smoke shop.  Some of them also make great gifts for collectors.