Father's Day Creager Mercantile Wishes

“You don’t have to bring me anything!”. If your father told you this when you asked him what he would like for Father’s Day, trust us: he will be very glad you did not listen to him!

Good fathers can be wonderful creatures. They teach you some of the most important things – and often the weirdest, they let you fail without making you (too many) reproaches and they always encourage you to be the best. Although most fathers do not expect anything for their special day, it is still a great occasion to show your gratitude and love.

Finding the perfect gift means respecting the balance between what he likes and what he will find useful. Is your father the one who insists that he has everything he could ever want? He’s probably polite. If you give him a Father’s Day gift that he would never buy, he will immediately say, “That’s what I really needed!”

The best gifts for a father are the personal ones. You can focus on things like personalized buttons or a stainless steel business card engraved with its initials. Another idea would be to give him a personalized photo album, with photos from a trip or an event that connects you.

But don’t forget the classic gifts, which are always in top: a tie, a pipe with a special design or maybe a book.  Creager Mercantile wishes all the dads a Happy Father’s Day.