tobacco suppliers pipes blunt wrap suppliesEven though statistics have shown that fewer people are heavy smokers than they were in the past, tobacco products never seem to go out of style. They are some of those products that always tend to disappear from the shelves soon after they were put there, while your bank account keeps getting bigger once you sell it for even a tiny bit of profit.


But what tobacco products and accessories are so popular? Aside from regular cigarettes, there are many other great products that people will likely enjoy:


  1. Pipes are coming back into style, and these days lots of people like to appear more stylish by purchasing any number of unique pipes to smoke.
  2. Vape pens are popular both with smokers and with those trying to quit smoking. Moreover, a lot of vape pens feature nicotine-free flavors that even customers who aren’t interested in tobacco might try.
  3. Tobacco consumption is pretty diverse as you probably already know. People can sniff, smoke and chew tobacco, so it’s worth getting creative on looking up cigars, water pipes, kreteks or bidis that you can buy wholesale and sell at your store for a profit.  There are many blunt wrap suppliers Colorado has to offer along with a whole line of wholesale products to purchase for your store.
  4. Themed lighters are also in style these days, and you’ll find that a lot of people enjoy collecting them. So you can look up unique lighters at a reliable wholesaler and purchase them for your shop in no time.