Preparing For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity for businesses to attract new customers and to make the profit they need for growing. However, businesses also need to be well-prepared to be able to make the most of the holiday season – here are some tips that you can use for preparing your business:

  • Don’t plan big changes – do a touch-up on your website, install a few new shelves in your shop, but don’t plan any very substantial changes or you risk running out of time and missing the great opportunity;
  • Plan a marketing campaign – think strategically and plan your promotions based on the data you have from previous years as well as on the current trends in your industry. Set a budget for your campaign, pick the marketing channels that work best for you, start creating your ads in time and order your free giveaways in time, too;
  • Decide whether you will need seasonal personnel – if you need a few more people in your teams, make sure you start the hiring process in time to have time to train your new staff as well. Talk to your employees about their holiday plans to avoid conflicts and the problems caused by being understaffed.  If you are a retailer, buy from local wholesalers like to have your shelves stocked and inventory to pull from for popular items.