be creative

If you are the owner of a small retail business that operates from a brick-and-mortar store, you surely know how difficult it is to obtain stable revenue. The following tips have been collected to help you stabilize and increase your income without implementing major changes in the way you work or in the way your store looks:

  • Give potential customers a reason to visit your store – whatever your line of business, you can surely come up with ideas about special events that you can host in your store. If you are a car part retailer, for example, you can invite mechanics to participate in workshops, if you are the owner of a book store, you can invite popular local authors or host a wine tasting. If you are an owner of a liquor store, try a little kiosk to showcase liquor store supplies appealing to your customers.
  • Sell experiences – there is very little room for innovation when it comes to product ranges, but you can always add something that will give a unique buying experience to your customers, something that will make them want to come back. You don’t need to do something very big – a candy bar or a cup of coffee offered makes a great start.
  • Use online tools as well – you don’t need a large web shop to harness the benefits of the internet. Publish posts on social media every now and then, launch a small, but properly optimized business website and your sales will improve almost instantly.