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Summer is a season when people turn into very active buyers. Many are on vacation, so it is time to enjoy the savings they made for this moment.

With a little creativity, retailers can improve their business during the summer. Here are a few tips from Marketing and Communications experts.

Tip 1: Summer fun in your shop: snap away!

You can create some good engagement with your loyal followers if you take some fun pictures of your customers, enjoying their summer while shopping from you and share them on social networks. People like to see this, it makes them feel more connected with your business.

Tip 2: Seasonal products

It doesn`t matter what you sell; if you can find room for something seasonal, in your store, you may boost your sales, as people adore seasonal things. Summer shoes, summer pool accessories, ice-cream and summer cocktails are only a few examples.  For purchase look to local distributors like for great pricing and quick supply.

Tip 3: Redecorate!

Your store must look like it is a part of the a season, so make sure to experiment decorations that reflect both the summer and your brand!

Tip 4: Set up a Yelp page

and encourage your customers to write a Yelp review by offering a summer discount for their effort.