Holiday To Do's

The holidays will hopefully be not only a busy, but also a successful period for your retail business. If you have been running your business for several years, you probably know how to make sure you are well-stocked and able to offer your customers what they want, but if this is your first year and you want to optimize your inventory, here are a few tips for you:

  • Have a look at your history – identify the products that sell well the year around and buy or order more of those items than you normally would;
  • Anticipate interest – have a look at the composition of your clientele and try to anticipate the products that they might be looking for in your shop, then build a moderately-sized stock of those items;
  • Attract attention – employ the advertising channels that you normally use to attract attention towards the products that are in your inventory, but are not selling well. People tend to buy unusual items during the winter holidays;
  • Don’t forget about wrapping materials – people always run out of wrapping supplies, so you will need to have plenty of ornamental bags and similar stuff, not only to wrap the items bought by your customers, but also as individual products that you can sell.
  • Have great customer service – this is the time of year, that friends and family gather at restaurants, make sure to have quality wholesale bar supplies in abundance to provide for your customers experience.