Popular dab supplies luxury expenses

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people do shopping – due to social distancing requirements, people tend to go out shopping less frequently and to buy more than they normally would when they do go out. Social distancing has also changed the way shop owners should evaluate their inventories and the process of restocking has also changed a lot – here are some tips to help you stay properly stocked:

  • Reconfigure your stocks – according to the statistics, the impulse purchases of highly perishable or luxury goods like dab supplies have been replaced by the increased demand for more basic products, such as flour, polenta, cleaning products, potatoes, rice, frozen goods and sauces, products that can be used in home-cooked meals and for maintaining cleanliness in the home, so it is probably a good idea to stock up on these products;


  • Be prepared for delays – certain products that are in high demand might take longer to be delivered by your supplier, so try to order more at a time to prevent shortage in the shopping area;


  • Look for new suppliers – you cannot afford not to provide the expected range of products, not even if your principle supplier cannot deliver your order, so try to find new suppliers that you can turn to in case there is a problem.