Building Relationships

Loyal customers are the secret of any successful business. Businesses have 60 to 70 percent more chances to sell something to an existing customer, unlike the probability of selling to a new client, which represents only 5-20%.

  1. Listen to your customers

Listening to customer opinions and complaints is an easy way to keep in touch with them. Social networks are a place where most companies discuss with their customers. Create a Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter page to be easy to find by customers when they have questions or want to offer feedback. Listen to them and respond quickly.

  1. Give them rewards

For those who have already been your customers for a while, you can offer special discounts and vouchers for purchasing more products or services in the future.  Have your representatives visit their business, and for liquor stores and the such, you can help them set up liquor accessories displays to help improve their sales. It’s a strategy that can help you get more sales and conversions.

  1. Create a loyalty program

When a potential customer becomes a customer, offer them loyalty points. Those points can be accumulated and used for getting discounts and other freebies.

  1. Any problem that may appear – resolve it quickly

Regardless of the type of customers, they all want to get attention and receive the answers they need. With any unanswered message, e-mail or phone, customers lose their patience and their confidence in your business. If you solve their requests quickly, you show them that they are important to you.