Things You Should Know About Wholesale Company Products

Classic smoking is very dangerous and is seriously harmful to your health – that is what all the doctors say. A single cigarette contains dozens of noxious substances for your body, mainly because of the carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide from the smoke. As opposed to regular cigarettes, the major benefit of vape pens is that these do not produce low-tar or the toxic gases known to be found in cigarette smoke.  While you may already know these details, here are a few things that you certainly never new about vape pens:

  1. Did you know that the vape pens we know nowadays were invented by Hon Lik, a Chineze pharmacist that worked for Golden Dragon Holdings? He developed the e-cigs after his father diet because of smoking, in a bid to find a tool that would help him – the son – quite the habit of smoking himself before it was too late.
  2. Did you know there are contests held around vape pens? There are professional “cloud chasers” who compete in doing all sorts of cool tricks with the e-cigarettes and actual win cash prizes for this.
  3. There is E-Cigarette Convention held in the US, and even an international Cloud Championship that takes place in California.  To find vape products locally, see