Pipe shops are places that sell more than just pipes – accessories and smoking-related items are also available. Pipe smoking has a long history and a vast culture, that’s why the wide range of products that a first-time shopper is faced with can be overwhelming, so here are some tips about the items you will see when you first walk into a pipe shop:

  • Traditional pipes – pipes come in a wide range of materials, sizes and shapes and the prices also range from very cheap to pieces that cost a small fortune. To be able to make the best pick, you will need to do your homework first, researching prices, pipe types and the smoking style that each of them works best for;
  • Other types of pieces used for smoking – bongs, vaping devices, pieces that can be used for smoking various types of oils and waxes, such as water pipes are also available;
  • Accessories – pipe shops are places to buy ashcatchers, ashtrays, adapters, pipe mouthpieces, awls and other devices used for cleaning pipes as well as special lighters for pipes and other smoking devices;
  • Cigars and humidors – most pipe shops also sell cigar varieties and items related to cigar smoking, such as cutters, scissors, humidors and special ashtrays.  The Colorado distributors that supply your local shops have a huge selection of products to meet your need.