Ask Wholesale Distributor Right Questions

Finding reliable wholesale distributors who always deliver on time and have quality merchandise for reasonable prices is not easy, but essential for the success of your retail business. The best and easiest way to make sure your wholesale dispensary supplies distributor is what you need, indeed, is to ask the right questions – here are some to use:

  • Payment terms – the usual payment deadline is 30 days, but if your business needs more, bring it up during the negotiation with your supplier;
  • Total costs – many suppliers provide quotes only for the merchandise they sell you and they don’t include their other fees. Make sure to find out exactly how much your supplier will charge over the price you pay for the products you buy;
  • Insurances – a good supplier carries a liability insurance, so make sure to ask about that;
  • Is the supplier a direct seller as well – if your supplier gets their products directly from the manufacturer and they also sell them directly to end-users, they might be a competitor hard to beat;
  • Return policies – you need a supplier who is flexible when it comes to returning the products that you cannot sell;
  • Discounts for late deliveries – logistic issues happen all the time and you need a supplier who is willing to give you discounts if they cannot deliver your order by the agreed time.