#1 Gift Shop Ideas

Each holiday has its own traditions, its own items typically associated, its own gifts, which also means that the number one thing sought for by customers preparing for a specific holiday is never the same as the number one item for a different holiday. If you want to make sure that you stock up your store with the right type of items, here are some of the most typical products associated with some of the most important holidays throughout the year:

  • Halloween – party and liquor accessories are definitely the number one category that customers look for before Halloween. The category includes costumes, face and body paint, decorations and candy;
  • Christmas – soft and fluffy plush animals and mugs decorated with some sort of kind and loving message are the top-selling items around Christmas;
  • Easter – fluffy bunnies and plush bunny ears are among the most popular Easter products, in a tight competition with decorated eggs;
  • Valentine’s Day – this day is all about love, hearts, red and pink decorations and romantic gifts. Greeting cards with some special message for the loved one are definitely among the items that most shoppers look for and conserved flowers, especially roses are also very much sought for, especially by men.