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Besides the common cannabis dispensary accessories, you sometimes have the opportunity to discover an offer of less-common accessories, which will help you stand out or make a nice gift. There are wholesale distributors like Creager Mercantile and many retail stores that sell such accessories, so it should not be too difficult for you to discover things that make smoking enthusiasts happy and, at the same time, help them to define their style and express their preferences.

Here are a few examples of such uncommon cannabis dispensary accessories that may seem at least interesting or funny.

  • Decorative hands – five fingers for five joints. What do you say? Can you handle it?
  • Lighters – multi tools (scissors, screw driver and razor included!)
  • Decorative neon light signs inspired by the stoner lifestyle
  • Marijuana leaf molded green rubber ice cube trays
  • Marijuana pot leaf silicone candy mold trays – Great for chocolate cupcake toppers or small brownies
  • Weed leaf glitter face mask – for conscientious civilians during Covid era
  • Darth Vader grinder – your buds will be broken down by the power of the dark force
  • 24K gold rolling papers – Just shine!
  • T-shirts with Willie Nelson and other famous stoners
  • Cannabis leaf shaped pendants