Denver Distributors Most Populuar Halloween CandyHalloween being a holiday of many tricks and treats, themed candies are among the most popular types of merchandise, sweets that are found in every household. Here are some of the most popular candy types bought around Halloween:

  • Chocolate coated candies – the colorful chocolate coating may hide any flavor imaginable, just perfect for handing it to kids;
  • Licorice – this candy is either loved or hated, there is no in between attitude. The chewy candies of recognizable flavor nowadays come in colorful varieties of various sizes;
  • Caramel, chocolate and roasted peanuts– varieties that combine the three most important ingredients of Halloween candies are available from many brands and in many sizes;
  • Lollipops – the thick, sweet and flavored, colorful shell hides a center of bubble gum or sweet cream and are the favorite varieties with kids;
  • Candy corns – no Halloween can be perfect without these striped sweets that have become a symbol of fall;
  • Gummies – available in many forms, including bears, snakes, fruits, fish, even cartoon characters come in a multitude of flavors. These gelatin-based delights are great fun to choose and they can also be soaked in soda or juice to make them double or triple in size.  Most, if not all of these variety of sweets can be purchased from the Denver distributors that supply your local stores.