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Buying and selling dispensary accessories in Colorado is legal. However, you will have to play by the rules and respect the law.

Respecting the law means first and foremost understanding it.

In order to use marijuana and try weed-friendly experiences, you must be at least 21. Adults who are also Colorado residents are allowed to possess 1 ounce of bud at a time and use whatever accessories they please.

Buying cannabis and accessories legally is possible only from dispensaries spread across the state. These retail shops are authorized to sell their products such as wholesale bongs Denver shops sell legally to eligible customers who present a valid ID.

Buying and selling dispensary accessories on federal land, outside these facilities, is illegal. Therefore, keep in mind the following DON’Ts to stay out of trouble:

  • Do not use cannabis and dispensary accessories in indoor and outdoor public spaces. Do not expect to see “Do not smoke signs” because not smoking is the norm, not vice versa, and nobody has the obligation to inform you on this, unless you ask.
  • There might be some exceptions you can find in the hospitality business, which may offer areas for legal consumption.
  • Buying and selling cannabis and dispensary accessories must be done discreetly, in the privacy of a head shop, which is an adult-only facility because your habits should not become attractive to other people, especially if they are young.