Beverage Distributors Soda History

The history of soda (pop, soft drinks, carbonated drinks etc.) dates long back, to the 1700s. Non-carbonated drinks are older than carbonated drinks; in 1630, street vendors from Paris sold a version of lemonade, but the first glass of carbonated water was invented only in the 1760s.

Since the Roman period, the naturally carbonated mineral water was considered to have curative powers, and soft drink producers wanted to reproduce it in the laboratory.

In 1798, Joseph Priestly is the one who invented the term “soda water”, after finding a way to infuse water with CO2. In 1810, the manufacture of carbonated water in the United States was patented, and in 1835 carbonated water started to be bottled.

Mixtures of wine, flavors, sweeteners and carbonated water became popular in the first years of the nineteenth century. By the 1830s, aromatic syrups from berries and fruits were developed.

The soft drinks industry expanded very quickly. In 1860, in the US there were 123 factories bottling soft drinks; by 1870, there were 387, and 30 years later their number reached 2763.

Until the early 20th century, soft drinks creation was handled primarily by local pharmacists, because they had the right experience with chemistry and medicine, which allowed them to make different combinations.  The wonderful beverage distributors Colorado has to offer provide a wide range of soda flavors to purchase.