Family Owned and Operated BusinessFamily-owned businesses, although they’re a lot of work, come with a set of advantages. Here are just a few of them:

  • Stability

Being a family member and working for your family-owned business will give you confidence that you will remain in that working position for a long time and that you will even become one of the leaders.

  • Commitment

Considering that family needs come first, there is a greater sense of responsibility. The long-term commitment also leads to additional benefits, such as better understanding of industry, organization and work, stronger customer relationships, as well as more sales and marketing strategies.

  • Flexibility

You will not hear so often the words “This is not my responsibility”. Typically, family members are more available and willing to take on more tasks, (which is not the case with regular jobs), in order to help the business.

  • Long-term goals

Non-family businesses typically target annual goals, while family-based strategies form and set targets for many years.

  • Cost

Unlike regular employees, family members are willing to contribute with their own finances to ensure long-term business success. This advantage is very handy especially during difficult times such as an economic crisis.

  • Authenticity

Family should be the place where you can let things and imagination fly, which implies more involvement and therefore more results. The ability to feel confident, creative and fearless can help a family business prosper. One of the great family owned business in the Denver area is Creager Mercantile and is one of the leading Colorado beverage companies today.