wholesale beverage purchase for retail

If you like soda, there are a lot of benefits to buying it wholesale from a Colorado beverage wholesaler. Aside from the obvious advantage that you can get to save a lot of money depending on how much you buy all at once, soda has many other qualities that makes it one of the best products you can just buy and store for a longer period of time.


Unlike some perishables that have to be used up or eaten shortly after they were purchased – such as meat, eggs and dairy products, soda has a pretty long period in which it can be stored, before it expires. Many cans and bottles of soda feature special seals that allow them to be kept safely for months or even more than a year before the expiration date kicks in. If stored properly, some types of soda will last for up to 6-9 months past the printed date, as long as it is stored properly.


Of course, depending on how much soda you buy, you will need pretty large refrigerators to store it all. Leaving lots of cans and bottles of soda out in the open can be a bad idea, and it will definitely reduce the amount of time it can be stored safely. But as long as you follow the guidelines and store it in a cool enough environment, soda can be one of the products that you can buy wholesale in large quantities without worrying too much about when it will expire.