Liquor Accessories Creager Mercantile

Shamrocks, leperchauns and all things green are everywhere on St. Patrick’s Day. Beverages, especially alcoholic drinks being so closely linked to the celebration of the Irish patron saint, St. Patrick-themed liquor accessories are as essential for the day as green hats and costumes. Here some great liquor accessories for the St. Patrick’s Day, all of them coming with the benefit of being small, therefore easy to store before, during and after St. Patrick’s Day:

  • Green drinking straws and celebration-themed glasses – typical St. Patrick Day beverages include both alcoholic cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks consumed from long glasses, therefore drinking straws in various shades of green and themed glasses are essential for the shelves you prepare for your St. Patrick’s Day customers;
  • Cocktail shakers – your customers will need not only glasses to consume their green drinks from, but also shakers to prepare the drinks in;
  • Bottle openers – clover-shaped openers and pieces that feature figures traditionally associated with the celebrations, such as leperchauns, are also products that sell well;
  • Mini-flags for the glasses – tiny flags and umbrellas that feature the colors of the Irish flag or are decorated with leprechaun figures or shamrocks are also very sought for and great to have in your inventory.

With most all of the St. Patrick’s Day events being cancelled this year, there is still opportunity to take advantage of the celebration supplies for next year, visit Creager Mercantile for stocking up.