Popular Soft Drinks


Do you need some ideas of soft drinks that you can serve alongside your friends and loved ones during the hot summer days? We have some delicious ideas for you.


Watermelon Granita

To prepare this sweet and flavored drink, you only have to buy pomegranate syrup and mix it with pieces of watermelon (without the seeds!). To give it a particular texture, do not forget the crushed ice cubes that have to be sprinkled among the ingredients already mentioned.

The classic lemonade

It is one of the most famous summer soft drinks and a good example for the expression “oldie, but goldie”. Buy some lemons and limes, squeeze them, pour mineral water over the citrus pulp and sugar, honey and some mint, plus plenty of ice.


For summer parties that last until late at night, you can opt for Sangria – red wine, orange juice, cognac, necatrine, lemon, a little mineral water and plenty of ice.


In those hot summer days, few things are more satisfying than a well-prepared mojito. The star ingredient of this drink is mint. You also need lime juice, sugar, white rum aroma, mineral water and, of course, lots of ice.


You will find that the locally known Colorado soda company has a good assortment of soft drinks available to all the local businesses to stock their shelves and have a good supply for summer time festivities.