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Vaping is a growing phenomenon among former smokers, but even those who have never put a traditional cigarette in their mouth seem to be charmed by this trend. Clearly, vaping is not the same as smoking. However, you will still take something in your lungs, but this time it will be steam, not smoke.

Yes, you can successfully replace smoking with vaping. Are you short of nicotine? No problem, you can buy e-liquid with nicotine or even nicotine shots.

About 5 years ago, the FDA regulated e-cigarettes and their liquid solutions. Considering that these contain nicotine derived from tobacco, they become subject to government regulation, the same as tobacco products.

You definitely should include vape pens from a local provider such as Creager Mercantile of Denver in your tobacco store, as they may bring you more customers. Vape pen devices comprise a wide range of products. In the past, the term “vape pen” was only associated with e-liquids, but now, as technology has progressed, it also refers to aerosolize dry herbs, including tobacco. Many people may be interested in trying this experience too, so you will get more traffic in your tobacco store, which will increase your visibility, reputation and, ultimately, your sales.