Wholesale Distributor For Halloween Decorations

Halloween is a holiday that has many types of typical merchandise associated to it – if you are looking for a way to attract new customers around the holiday and to help everyone get into the Halloween mood, here are some products that you should stock up:

  • Candies – no matter how large a stock of sweets you build, you will surely sell it all in no time. Stock up on bags and packs of small and larger candies as well and offer a variety of flavors and colors;
  • Costumes and accessories – even if your shop doesn’t have space for really elaborate costumes, displaying a couple of masks and fake teeth is surely easy. Halloween makeup also sells great, especially red and black tears, black eyeliners and white foundation and other products suitable for putting up a ghost-like face;
  • Halloween decorations – natural or artificial jack-o-lanterns, black and orange ornaments, artificial spiders and cobwebs don’t take up too much space and they are among the seasonal best-sellers. If your store configuration permits it, you can also stock up on spooky outdoor decorations, such as plastic bones that can be partially dug into the ground, inflatable pumpkins, plastic skeletons to be hung behind the entry door, inflatable ghosts.  Find great wholesale Halloween decor at https://creagermerc.com/.