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When you think about buying items wholesale for a gas station store, you might just think of magazines, chewing gum and basic foods and groceries. However, if you use your imagination and think about what people might actually need, you’ll find a lot of ideas on what other unique products to ask for the next time you contact your wholesale supplier.


  1. Necessary products that people who go on road trips might require should be the first products on your list. These should include various perishables and snacks, as well as helpful items such as air fresheners, cleaning supplies and things like sun shades for families that need to keep kids cool in the backseat.
  2. Consider holding at least some supplies that allow people to take notes and draw. Notebooks, pencils, coloring supplies and geometry kits might be great for keeping kids busy during longer road trips, but they can also be very helpful when someone needs to draw a makeshift map or write down important phone numbers while traveling.
  3. You can also include unique items that people might need to make a longer drive more manageable. Candy, sweet beverages, alcohol-free beer and flavors and replacement parts for vape pens and dab supplies are pretty high on the list of items that people walking into your gas station store might need.