Mexican sodas enjoy huge popularity nowadays. If you have ever tasted a Mexican soda product, you have surely noticed the difference between these fresh, exotic-tasting beverages and domestic sodas, so here are a few aspects that account for their already huge and continuously growing popularity:

  • Refreshments were invented by the Aztecs and the sodas made in Mexico are still based on ancient recipes. In the old times, refreshing non-alcoholic beverages were prepared mixing flower petals, exotic fruits, such as guava, pineapples, mandarin, tamarind, grapefruit or lime, seeds and grains available locally with fresh water. Mexican soda products still taste exotic, which is one of the reasons they are so popular in the US, too, according to popular beverage distributors Denver hosts;
  • Most Mexican sodas are made using unrefined sugar, which also adds a special flavor to the drinks. Unrefined sugar comes in the form of a paste called molasses, well-known for its high concentration of trace elements and a richer, deeper, more caramel-like flavor;
  • The water used during the manufacturing process is also different – the fresh, unpolluted, tasty spring water used for making some of these products is also a factor that accounts for the different taste that makes more and more fans outside the Mexican borders as well.