Creager Mercantile Weekly Newsletter February 13, 2023

13 Feb 23
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Can the Popularity of Mexican Candy Boost Your Sales?

9 Jan 23
Some data from bulk retailers reveal that Mexican candy and Mexican products wholesale are becoming more popular. Sales were up more than 15% last year, and it seems that this trend ...

The Right Way to Arrange and Promote the Products You Sell

5 Dec 22
The way you arrange and promote the products you sell can have a serious impact on the success of your business. And choosing the right wholesale supplier especially for wholesale smoking ...

Are the Best Cigarettes and Tobacco Products Strictly Reserved for Head Shops?

14 Oct 22
  No. Although there is a fuzz around head shops these days, mainly due to the legalization of cannabis, cigarettes and tobacco products existed long before head shops appeared, being sold ...

Can a Reliable Wholesale Supplier Help You Figure Out What to Sell?

4 Oct 22
  A wholesaler will sell its product in large quantities to retailers, allowing them to take advantage of a lower price than the price they would pay for purchasing individual items. ...

Tips To Find a Great Beverage Supplier for Your Store

20 Sep 22
If you are about to start a beverage distribution business, this can be a very profitable enterprise. And finding a great beverage supplier for your store is an important part of ...

How to Shop for Wholesale Food and Groceries for Your Shop

5 Jul 22
  Shopping for wholesale groceries can be tricky at best, especially if you only just opened up a new store, and you’re hoping to promote yourself and attract new local customers. ...

How Wholesale Groceries Can Help Your Business

31 May 22
  Shops and stores, just like any other businesses are meant to grow and develop into something more than just what they were created initially to be. And that doesn’t only ...

Liquor Store Supplies that You Cannot Go Without

27 May 22
  When people think about liquor stores, they usually only have the image of a shop with endless rows of alcoholic beverages lining them. But such a store can have other ...

The Benefits of Buying in Bulk

20 May 22
  Both individual clients and shops can have a lot of benefits from buying in bulk. One of the most popular benefits of this is that the price per item is ...