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When you’re aiming for wholesale groceries from Denver distributors for your store, the sky is the limit of what new grocery  as well as non-grocery items you can add to your actual inventory. The following products should at least be considered if you want your profits to go up:


  • Consider looking for new brands. Sometimes it might seem like the safer choice to only order wholesale grocery products from established brands, but looking up reviews on new brands can also pay off a great deal. The same products with a fresh new face on the package might even attract more customers, if you promote them properly.
  • New tobacco products always attract smokers who love to mix it up. You’ll find that everything from vape pen accessories to tobacco brands that have only just surfaced will be greatly appreciated by both new clients and those who have been visiting your store for many years.
  • Natural cosmetics and beauty supplies are on a big upward spiral these days. Such products are enjoying increasingly greater popularity, and a lot of people buy them because they’re natural. Having them in your shop should seem like a natural thing.
  • Make sure you also keep track of items that have just been legalized for import not long ago. Out of season produce, for instance, would be a great asset, as they’ll catch the eye of customers who know that they can’t find such products elsewhere.