Get Your Store Ready For SpringWhatever your shop’s profile, whether you sell shoes or food, decorations, candy or something else, you can always refresh your shop’s appearance and attract new customers with some seasonal items. Here are some for the spring:

  • Accessories for April’s Fool Day – funny masks, balloons and other items that can be used for playing harmless tricks on others is a great way to show your customers that you have a fun face, too;
  • Sunglasses, plastic jackets and umbrellas – spring weather can be capricious, bright and sunny now, rainy and windy in a few seconds. Help customers who are not prepared for such wide variations with sunglasses and umbrellas;
  • Sunscreen – the sun’s rays feel exceptionally strong when they first reach our skin, especially for people who have freckles or sensitive skin. Even so, when the sun starts to show its strength, most of us are not yet prepared for the experience, making us run around frantically for some sunscreen. Make life easier for your customers and protect their skin with some good-quality sunscreen in your stock;
  • Gift cards – December is traditionally the best month for selling gift cards, but strangely, March is the second best, many people will appreciate your offers.

Creager Mercantile of Denver offers a wide variety of products, and have some of the best Spring products available now.  Be sure to get your shelves stocked with a nice selection of Spring and Easter Products.