Must Haves liquor store supplies

December is an important month for liquor stores, because sales can now reach up to 20 percent of annual sales. To increase them as much as they can, liquor store owners must get in the holiday spirit and purchase some must have bar supplies that will attract customers.


Make sure you stock up on drinks for customers with varied tastes. You will have to provide spirits and mixers to be able to serve a wide selection of cocktails: vodka, gin, scotch, rum, tequila, alongside vermouth, bitters, syrup, as well as juices, mixers and garnishes (extra-fine granulated sugar, sugar cubes, Maraschino cherries etc.). These will bring a simple cocktail into really tasty and fancy territory.

Seasonal beverages, such as mulled wine or spiked cider



There are some must have liquor store supplies your store needs for the holiday:

  • Decorations for shelves, festive labels for refrigerators and showcases etc
  • Products for selling, cooling and serving drinks – all with a festive design. From glasses, to openers, corkscrews, carafes etc. These accessories can also be considered a perfect gift for people who appreciate the qualities of fine, quality drinks
  • Gift accessory sets and festive boxes – These make great presents for those who are passionate about wines and other fine drinks.