If you are not familiar with Mexican candies, we tell you, they are delicious and surprising, considering that they are quite different from American candies.  Mexican candies can be ordered through most of your popular Colorado beverage and foods distributors.

Mexicans are not afraid to spice up their food, there is no secret about it, and it seems that their sweets are no exception. Mind you, when we say “spicy”, we mean chili and jalapeno, not cinnamon… Lollipops, for example, have different flavors, complemented with chili powder on the outside, which makes them very hot.

mexican candy difference

More recently, the candy market in Mexico welcomed a new treat – Salsaghetti, which comes in the form of watermelon straws, with a spicy flavor and a sauce known as “gusano tamarind”, made from an Asian fruit. Tamarind is definitely a favorite ingredient of Mexicans, being widely used in the sweets making process.

Chocolate candies exist, but, spicy or not, they are not in the top of the Mexicans` preferences – which might seem a little weird, considering that chocolate was introduced to the world by the Aztecs. Actually, Mexicans love chocolate, but they prefer to use it as an ingredient in drinks and sauces, rather than in the candies.

Besides the various candy assortments available in grocery shops, there are many recipes for traditional Mexican candies, easy to prepare at home.