Gas Station Beverage Distributors Wholesale Retail

The gas station is no longer just a place where drivers fill up their cars. Now, with one stop, you can do all the shopping you need – and more!

According to recent studies, almost 60% of customers buy not just car fuel but other products too, while only 40% of the purchases focused exclusively on fuel.

In a top of the products and services that drivers choose to buy from gas stations, there are sweets, snacks, soft drinks and alcohol, toys, car accessories, emergency products for those being on the road for longer periods (deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, sanitary towels etc.) but also gifts.  Many of the beverage distributors Colorado has keep busy in supplying these retailers.

In addition, the services that gas stations provide to customers are very important because they solve different needs with one stop. Here are some examples of services that every gas station should be carrying in 2021:

  • Car wash service – Do you know that pleasant feeling of driving a clean car? You can have your car cleaned quickly and efficiently while you shop at the gas station.
  • Air and water to balance tire pressure – Drivers should do this at least once a month and before each long car journey.
  • Payment of bills and bank transfers, directly from gas stations
  • Withdrawing cash directly from the cash register