glass pipes illegal on plane

It’s no secret that marijuana is not legal in every state (yet). However, with more people being busted for carrying water bottles than for bringing pot, the question of whether it’s all right to carry your bong with you on a plane is an understandable one.


To clarify, it’s important to realize that, while it’s illegal to carry drugs on planes, the rules regarding paraphernalia are not that clear. It’s true that bringing your pot pipe along with resin on a plane will get you busted. Even if you don’t have any weed on you, the pipe can be subject to being confiscated, if the officer that busts you can prove that it’s used for drugs.  Although when traveling to places like Colorado you can buy glass pipes Denver shops sell, but you cannot take them back home with you.


That last detail, however, is extremely important, as it can provide you with a loophole. As you know, tobacco products are legal, and so you will not be busted for bringing your pipe along, as long as you use it for smoking tobacco. So naturally, if you clean your pipe and state that you’ll only use it for tobacco smoking then you’re off the hook.


Unfortunately, this loophole can create a lot of hassle, and it will be difficult to exploit, since pot pipes are so notoriously hard to clean. Also, if police have reasons to believe that the bong will be used for smoking pot, then you might find it hard to get through without questioning even with a clean one. So, to be on the side of caution, it might be best to just buy a clean tobacco pipe before traveling.