For most of us, vap pens are a new concept but they also seem to be a fast growing phenomenon.

They are devices that look like a pen and a large cigar at the same time, being used as an alternative to smoking. Some of them are designed to work with e-liquids, while others work with dry herbs and special wax concentrates.

Vap pens have an atomizer that heats up the active material and produces vapors to inhale; these vapors are free of most of the harmful substances typically associated with normal cigarettes. Besides the atomizer, these devices have other two components: a liquid cartridge and a rechargeable battery that powers the atomizer.  It’s best to purchase vap pens from professional Denver head shops that provide quality products.

Are vap pens legal?

In most states, they are legal for people over 18 years of age and, in many places, they can be used outoors as well as indoors, considering that they do not raise the same health concerns as the regular cigarettes. However, the best thing is to ask before using your vap pen in public places, so that nobody gets alarmed.

Considering that the technology is rather new, people should also be aware that legislation as well as public health investigations related to them are still pending.