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Juul is one of those brands that is rapidly rising to popularity throughout the USA, and with so many distributors already out there, you might want to consider getting their products for your store as well. While selling vaping products, you’ve probably already encountered many customers asking for Juul pods and other vaping products sold by the popular provider. This is no surprise, as the practical and convenient technology employed by the company has made vaping a lot easier and less problematic than it used to be.


You’ll find that Juul offers its products to people residing in all US states. In Colorado, the number of suppliers is pretty high compared to other states, but it can still be somewhat tough to find them.


The first steps to take is to locate the Juul products you want for your store or dispensary. Just head on to their official website and do a bit of research to see what your clients might go for the most. Then do a local search for Colorado wholesale providers that include words like “Juul”, “Juul pods” or “the Juul Action Network” in their descriptions.  For wholesale prices look to https://creagermerc.com/.


Most of these wholesalers will have everything you need, and next it will be just a matter of doing a quick background check to decide upon which of them you should work with the most.