Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarette is a microelectronic vaporization tool that uses an advanced atomization system that are sold by Denver distributors to local businesses. Through this technology, the electronic cigarette generates vapors similar to the smoke produced by traditional cigarettes, by atomizing the liquid in the cartridge.

It seems that the concept at the base of electronic cigarettes was invented about 30 years ago. A primary version was used on American submarines, during the Cold War. The final form, which we know today, appeared only a few years ago.

The function of this product is similar to that of traditional cigarettes. It stimulates smokers in a way similar to normal cigarettes and meets their need to smoke. People who vape admit feeling the same psychological sensations as when they smoke normal cigarettes.

The electronic cigarette is composed by three elements:

  • A battery that automatically activates when the user inhales

It provides power to the atomizer, and simultaneously starts a little light that mimics the incandescent tobacco.

  • The atomizer

This is the part that vaporizes the e-liquid from the cartridge

  • The cartridge

This is a small container that must be filled with e-liquid.

Every time you inhale, a pressure sensor activates the battery that powers the atomizer (evaporator); it heats up and, under the effect of the heat, the e- liquid evaporates, creating vapors similar with the smoke. E-liquids may or may not contain nicotine, but either way, vaping satisfies the addiction to the smoking gesture.