Creager Mercantile Head Shops Products

In head shops you can find items used for smoking, such as pipes, bongs, rolling paper, and, where it is legal, you can also find cannabis-based products. CBD oils and other similar products can also be bought here.

Head shops can be found in any state, but marijuana and its derivates are not yet legal in the whole country. Getting your products into the head shop you should start by establishing a relationship with the shop owner, and then offer some samples of head shops Denver products, pointing out your advantages over the competition.

Head shops typically function like mostly any kind of business. Thus, they get their merchandise from wholesalers. The markup is usually very low. Then head shops adjust their prices to match the online prices for similar products. In order for head shops to make profitable wholesale acquisitions, they need to buy really big quantity of goods.

Inventory management systems may also be of great help to head shops. As in any sales business, head shops should not run out of products which are in demand. Having a POS system may also help, facilitating transactions and making business operations much quicker.

Getting insurance for your head shop is another important part of the deal, as well as providing employees with insurance programs.