Wholesale Inventory

Wholesalers buy in bulk, directly from manufacturers like a local Colorado soda company and have purchase power to get discounts that allow them to sell their products to other customers, for significantly lower prices. They are also known as “cash& carry” and they can be very helpful for your business, especially if you look for local distributors.

Besides discounts, local wholesalers can typically offer you anything you need, so you will save time and effort, since you are not required to go to multiple shops situated in different locations. Also, buying from wholesalers doesn`t mean that you can only purchase massive quantities of products; most of them are also willing to sell smaller volumes and the prices will still be discounted, although not as much as if you would buy in bulk.

Another significant advantage is that you can build a profitable partnership with a local wholesaler. This means that you may get a membership card or additional benefits for your business, if you are a loyal customer. The products you purchase will be delivered to your location. Wholesalers have various means of transportation and everything that is necessary to load and unload merchandises.

Not least, many wholesalers also have convenient return policies.

It should not be too difficult to locate wholesalers in your area; just talk to other in your business, use the internet, or talk to manufacturers and you will likely get a list of wholesale distributors.