Popular Product Trends For 2019

Glass pipes are among the most popular accessories for enjoying cannabis and like it is the case with so many of the other weed-related items, the appearance of the glass pipes is also dominated by trends. Here are some of the design trends for 2019:

  • Animal shapes for more fun – roosters and rabbits, turtles, cats and snakes are not only animals – they are also shapes for glass pipes. The pipes that feature animal shapes are also colored in bright hues for added cheerfulness;
  • A wide range of sizes – from tiny pipes that fit into the palm of your hand to large items that stand on the table top, you will find pipes of various sizes;
  • Dry pipes and water pipes – whichever smoking and filtration process you prefer, you can enjoy it in a trendy way in 2019, for you will be able to find beautifully designed, handcrafted items for either method;
  • Art pieces and production glass – sleeker and artsier designs will be equally trendy in 2019. Production glass pieces focus on functionality, rather than on appearance and they offer extra features, such as detachable components, while art pieces are manufactured one by one, so if you are looking for a unique item, the art piece range is where you should browse.  Suppliers like Creager Mercantile in Denver keep up with the newest trends.