liquor store supplies wholesale

If you are the owner of a liquor store or a bar, getting the most inspired supplies can sometimes be a bit of challenge. In case you feel you are running out of ideas, you can begin by finding out which are the most popular spirits in the USA these days.

Based on a survey taken at national level, among the country’s most preferred liquors we could include:

  • Rum, like Captain Morgan, is one of the most popular liquors in the country. We have to note here that the brand is more popular with men than with women, and that it has watermelon and coconut variants.
  • Bourbon such as Jim Beam can be another inspired choice for your liquor store supplies. Last year the brand extended its products with vanilla bourbon.
  • The French vodka by the name of “Grey Goose” represents yet another good example of liquor which your store would certainly sell in large amounts, according customers’ expressed preferences.
  • A gin like Seagram is yet another respectable product for any liquor store.
  • Cream liqueurs like Bailey’s are also on top of most people’s preferences. A strawberry and cream version was recently launched in the US.