Fun Things To Know

There are curious things behind many brands of soda. Who would have guessed, for example, that some of them originally contained alcohol, cocaine, mood stabilizers or used to be created to go with alcohol, or even as health products?

As weird as it sounds, it is true, and here are some more details.

  • The original 7UP used to contain a drug administered to people with bipolar disorder, known as a mood stabilizer. This recipe was used for about 30 years, until 1950.
  • The original Coca Cola had cocaine and alcohol in it. The alcohol was removed due to a local prohibition, but the cocaine was still a part of the recipe, until 1929.
  • Another fun fact related to Coca Cola is that it actually invented the modern image of Santa Claus, in his red outfit. Before artist Haddon Sundblom created, in 1931, the character we know today, Santa was not at all that jolly and friendly looking.
  • Mountain Dew was created to complement whiskey, with its lemon-lime taste, while Fanta appeared in Germany during the WWII, when ingredients for bottling Coca Cola were too difficult to obtain, so the company decided to create a new soda, with more accessible ingredients at that time. The huge beverage distributors Denver is home to offer great products.