wholesale smoking accessories dispensary supplies

If the person that you want to surprise with a great gift is a smoker, here are some ideas to help you:

    • Smoking accessories – a tobacco case or a tobacco pouch that features some fun design is a great gift for a smoker, one that the special person will use every day and that will make that person think of you each time he or she lights up;
    • Smoker mittens – smoking in gloves can be cumbersome and smoking without gloves in winter can be downright painful. Special smoker mittens are warm and fluffy and they come with a special space for the index finger, making smoking comfortable even when it is freezing outside;
    • A cigar humidifier – if your smoker friend likes to enjoy a cigar occasionally, a special box for keeping cigars among controlled circumstances will surely be appreciated;
    • A special lighter – cigarette lighters come in shapes, sizes and designs, so finding one that is perfect for your friend should be easy;
    • A cigarette holder – a long, elegant cigarette holder is a great gift for elegant ladies who smoke. Try to find one that reflects the personality of the user through color, length and design.  You can find most wholesale dispensary supplies at any local retail store.