vaping devices

Vape pens are trendy devices, quite popular today, used by ex-smokers but also by those who simply enjoy vaping. There are several types of vape pens available on the market, which makes the selection a bit difficult.

Comparing to e-cigars, vape pens offer improved performance in a more compact and simple device: better vapor quality and nicotine delivery, as well as better consistency and flavor.

If the first types of vape pens used to be quite small, with batteries of 650 – 1000 mAh , current devices improved significantly and now have stronger batteries, as well as supporting sub-ohm resistances.

There are regulated and unregulated vape pens and each category has a distinct internal design and provides different vaping experiences. These devices vary not only in performance, but also in size and price. Pens with fewer features and customization tend to have a standard size, while complex devices are thicker and taller.

When it comes to the prices, they are as various as the types and models of vape pens. Prices start from about $30 for a device that is better than an e-cig and goes up for vape pens with more features (variable wattage, temperature control etc.).  There are wholesale companies that specialize as beverage distributors in Colorado, and also offer vape pens as well along with other products too.