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Mexicans drink freshly squeezed juices from oranges, tangerines and pineapples. The exotic tamarind juice is also specific to Mexico, along with Jarritos, flavored with hibiscus-like flowers.

But when it comes to classic soda brands, many people swear that those imported from Mexico are better than the same brands produced in the US.

It is true, or are they biased?

If we compare Mexican soda with American soda, we can notice a first difference immediately: Mexican recipients are bigger (12 oz. glass bottles compared to only 8 oz.) and are made of glass, compared to plastic or aluminum which are common in the US. None of these details should influence the taste, but they might have a some sort of psychological impact.

Mexican soda is sweetened with sugar, while American soda is high on fructose corn syrup, but it is quite hard for the human taste to make a real distinction between them, therefore affirmations like “American soda tastes more chemical” is simply subjective.

Considering all these, we can safely say that finding an objectively measurable difference between American-produced and Mexican-produced soda is not possible, because that difference does not have a significant influence on the taste. And, after all, it is not even important, as long as we can find and consume our favorite version from a local Colorado soda company!