Have A Safe And Happy Thanksgiving

Cocktails are essential components of any celebration that require you to entertain friends and family, and a trip to the local liquor store supplies store. With some basic ingredients, you can easily create dozens of different cocktails, stronger and lighter, sweet and bitter, fruity or silky, delighting everyone and making the holidays spent at your place memorable – here are some holiday cocktail essentials:

  • Spirits – you will need a bottle of the most common spirits, so make sure to get scotch, rum, vodka, gin and tequila. Cocktail recipes are very specific about the type and the quantity of the spirits used, so never replace anything and never use more than indicated in the recipe;
  • Additional components – while the spirit serves as the foundation of the cocktail, you will also need more tasty components to finish the cocktail. Vermouth, tonic water, soda, simple syrup and other cocktail syrups, double cream and fruits, such as limes, lemons, oranges, olives are also essential. Make sure you have salt and granulated sugar at hand, too – they are used for garnishing the glass and as ingredients, too.

Make sure that you have the right accessories to prepare your cocktails as well – you will need lots of ice, a measuring cup, a shaker, suitable cocktail glasses and ornaments, such as little umbrellas or edible flowers.