Best Price Headshops Products JUUL

JUUL products are the most common forms of e-cigarettes used nowadays. JUUL delivery systems (known as pods) look similar to a USB flash drive and contain an e-liquid that in turn contains nicotine and various types of flavors, as well as propylene glycol and glycerin. The liquid is heated using a battery and heating coils, it is turned into vapor and it can be inhaled.

A JUUL pod is a disposable and non-refillable cartridge containing a proprietary nicotine based e-liquid formulation, which is said to create a very satisfying experience. You cannot refill a JUUL pod , which is quite convenient because you are not bound to finish your current pod before putting in a new one. You can choose different flavors, with various levels of nicotine and consume them alternatively.

On the official website, purchasing JUUL pod packs is currently limited to 15 packs (60 individual JUUL pods) per customer, per month, in order to discourage people from purchasing the e-cigarettes in bulk and selling them to minors. After one month, this limit resets.

You can get more info about JUUL’s retailer program by filing and submitting a form available on its website.

However purchasing JUUL pods wholesale is an option available online on different other websites, for those interested in buying bulk quantities for their convenience.  Or you can simply look to head shops Denver area to find what you are looking to buy.