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Current regulations state that any battery-powered device must be carried with you or in separately registered bags. Vape pens or batteries represent objects that are not allowed in the luggage checked and carried with other luggage. It is thus recommended to turn off the device, remove the battery, and put all accessories in your hand luggage, along with other electronic devices (e.g. laptop).

Passengers are also allowed to carry up to 100 ml of e-liquid ( 3-4 ounces). Any excess e-liquid must be registered separately.

When you go through security, take the vaping device out of your bag or pocket and show it to TSA agents. Remember that the agent is the one who has the final word on whether you are allowed to carry your vaping device on the aircraft or not. There may happen sometimes to be required to leave your device at the security checkpoint, so you may want to travel with your backup e-cig as a precaution. However, if you know the rules and follow them, everything should be ok.

Can you vape in the plane?

Passengers are not allowed to vape in an airplane. If you think you can do it quickly, in the toilet, think again. The rules and laws are clear and there can be harsh consequences, including arrest and large fines.  It’s always a good idea to check with the best head shops Denver has to offer to see what product are available once you arrive.