best candy sellers

Candies are part of the staple diet of anyone with a sweet tooth. We all know that we should reduce our sugar intake, yet the sweet taste and the special flavor of our fav candies help us calm our racing thoughts and relax. If you are currently thinking of making a living out of your passion for candies by opening a candy store, here are the best-selling varieties:

  • Chocolate – the most basic, yet the most varied and most versatile ingredient of candies. Chocolate candies come in varieties that use milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate.
  • Fruit-flavored candies – whatever your favorite fruit, you can surely find the candy that uses it for flavoring. Many of the best-selling fruit candies combine fruit flavors with chocolate.
  • Best-selling textures – gummy and chewy candies, jelly beans, candy sticks and hard candies are among the most popular varieties.
  • Sugar-free candies – they are extremely popular because they replace sugar with sweeteners, thus they can be enjoyed by anyone, including people suffering from diabetes, people who are on a diet and those who are just looking for ways to consume less sugar.
  • Exotic flavors – licorice-flavored candies, salty varieties and candies that taste like exotic fruit are also among the best-selling candies across the US. Most of the popular beverage distributors Colorado is home to usually offer these candies and other types of candies for purchase.